Foxbook is a website where children between age 8 - 12 can learn how to social engineer and what good and strong passwords are.

Welcome to Foxbook. Foxbook is a website where people can send messages to each other, like messages and post pictures. For example a nice picture from their holiday in Spain. It's a bit like Facebook and Instagram. But the people on Foxbook made a mistake: they all have chosen an easy password. Most people choose an easy password like 123456, but also something they can easily remember. For example, their pet's name, favorite food, game, or hobby. The people who are on this website have put this information on their page, such as the name of their pet or their favorite game. Can you guess their password? Sometimes you have to look it up by using a search engine, such as Google. For example to find out the name of a famous person or a character in a movie. All passwords are without capital letters, special characters or numbers! Did you guess the correct password? Then you can leave a message on their page. Like "Team Sanne was here!". One message is one point added to your score. Are you able to leave messages on all profiles?

If you think you know a password, press Login at the top right. Then enter the username; that is the name next to the user icon on the front page. Now enter the password, you can try it a few times. Do you want to try someone else? First press Logout.

Please note: hacking people is only allowed on this website! If you do this on, for example, your best friend's Instagram or game, this is not allowed. If you do this, you are in fact a digital burglar. And just like regular burglars, you will be punished. A lot of smart people are checking all day every day to see if everyone on the internet is doing things that are allowed. Just like police officers on the street. So make sure you only hack people on this website and that you protect your own game or Instagram account with a good password. A good password is long and difficult to guess, such as "I ate kale yesterday" or "PizzasAreTheBest123". As you can see, they can also be sentences. These are long and easy to remember.

Foxbook is developed by Sanne Maasakkers (twitter of instagram), ethical hacker at Fox-IT, and is created to teach children how to safely use social media and make them enthousiastic about cyber security.